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The purpose of this page is to firstly familiarize you with schematic entry and simulation using the ISIS program within Proteus and then to investigate various analogue electronics circuits. 

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The 1st part of this lab takes you step by step through a simple ISIS schematic and simulation.  If you are already familiar with Proteus software you can enter directly the circuit shown on Fig. 5 and start at Step 10.

Look for the blue ISIS icon in the start menu and start the program.

With “main mode” selected and “component” selected press P to access the component library (see fig 1).

Description: fig1

Fig 1

Now select the device library and double (left) click Bridge to place the diode bridge into the left hand window.

Step 3

With the device library still open, select res and double click and similarly select cap and double click. Now close the component library window (see fig 2).

Description: fig2

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