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Receiver Side Components Description

a) Band pass filter: In the receiver side filter is being used of 3.2 db S/N. Its gain is 8.1.

b) Limiter: A very low power loss is being employed and its gain is as high as high 12 and S/N of 14.1dB.

c) LNA: Amplifiers employed are low noise amplifier for reducing waveform attenuation with again high gain. Their dB loss is max of 2.4dB

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d) Low-noise amplifiers (BB-AMP, AMP)

e) Radar modulators

Modulators act to provide the short pulses of power to the magnetron, a special type of vacuum tube that converts DC (usually pulsed) into microwaves. This technology is known as Pulsed power. In this way, the transmitted pulse of RF radiation is kept to a defined and usually, very short duration. Modulators consist of a high voltage pulse generator formed from an HV supply, a pulse forming network and a high voltage switch such as a thyratron. A klystron tube may also be used as a modulator because it is an amplifier, so it can be modulated by its low power input signal.

Receiver Subsystem Working Analysis

Consists : Band Pass Filter, wave attenuation limiter, LNA, mixer, IF-AMP

Characteristics for RX-subsystem Frequency band, Gain, Group delay, ripple, spectrum, etc

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Gain Vs Frequency

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Gain Vs Power

Above diagram shows variation of the power and frequency with gain at the receiver side at the sub-system level.

The radar has a movable transmitter and receiver antennas. A digital RF board is used for generation of the signal and to carry out the sender and receiver processing.

Total Cost Of Radar System

Total cost of the radar system is 19000$.

Cost Division:

a) Circuit Cost : 8500$

b) External component cost 8500$

c) Transitory Circuit Cost: 2000$

Components Explanation:

Radar bandwidth range is S-band: 2400 – 4900 KHz

Radar Detecting Range is 146m to 4200m

Radar Altitude Range is 1700meters above the sea level.

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