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Radar System Design And Analysis Assignment Help

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Radar System Design And Analysis

Transmitter Side


This radar is digital pulse radar, but it is not sharp, so it can be use in warfare zone for detecting objects like aircraft at low altitudes.

Radar System Design And Analysis Transmitter Block Diagram

assignmenthelp matlab: Transmitter Block Diagram

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Detailed diagram of Transmitter Block Diagram

Transmitter side components description:

Attenuator: Gain 10 attenuator is being used. Its voltage is 2V.

Power Amplifier: It is low noise amplifier of 1.2 db. Its gain is 12.2. It dissipates negligible power with operation.

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Filtering circuit: Band Pass Filter around 25 MHz frequency is being employed. Its gain is medium10.1 and signal to noise ratio is also very low 0.4 db

Digital Circuit: is a DSP circuit which generates less sharp pulse modulated pulses at regular interval for the system.

Transmitter antenna: The characteristics of transmitting antenna is, it is a parabolic antenna. It works on S-pulse technique. It is fixed. Gain is very high of 38.1. S/N ratio is mere less of 6.4 db.

Tools for subsystem level design

System/circuit/Planar EM/layout Design Full integration Design Environment Co-simulation with 3D EM simulator, Matlab, test

Nonlinear Time/Frequency Circuit Simulator Robust Converge and unparalled Simulate Capacity

High-Performance Electro-mechanical/servo System Simulation

Switch power design

Radar signal generator

Radar signal CW, FM-CW, Pulse ,LFM, etc

Create signal

MATLAB Programming Help

Radar Signal waveform generator diagram

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