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Programming Sample Assignment Part 5

Programming Assignment Help

An executable programme (Guess_assignment.EXE) with the Graphical User Interface (GUI) shown below is included in the ZIP package which you downloaded to get this document.

programming sample assignment

run the program Guess_assignment.EXE, it works and then develop that program using Visual Basic.net according to the following specifications.


  1. The user enters the numbers they guess in the three boxes in the top panel
  2. When the user clicks the button Check Numbers, the three text boxes in the Lucky Numbers group box will generate random numbers
  3. The labels under each of the three boxes in the top panel will show the following messages dependent upon whether the number is an exact match or is the correct number in the wrong position:
    1. Exact match: Match!
    2. Right number but wrong position: Almost
    3. Wrong number: Try Again!
  4. For each exact match, the user will be awarded 5 points
  5. For each correct number in the wrong position, the user will be awarded 1 point
  6. The label below the Lucky Numbers groupbox will display the messages dependent on the overall score:
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Congratulations! You got 3 exact matches


Congratulations! You got 2 exact matches


Congratulations! You got 1 exact match


Hard Luck! Better luck next time


Try Again!

When the 'New Guess' button is pressed, the program should do the following:

  1. Clear the numbers entered by the user
  2. Clear the text properties of the labels which display Match or Almost or Try Again
  3. Clear the text properties of the label which displays the final comment
  4. Generate a new set numbers for the Lucky Numbers

You are expected to document your program. The documentation should include header comments and description of each event procedure and if statements.

The button 'EXIT' should end the program running.

Follow VB Code Conventions

  • documentation
  • identifier Naming
  • layout and indentation


  • GUI design as expected
  • functionality of 'Check Answers' button.
  • the implementation of the functionality of 'New Test' button.
  • the implementation of the functionality of EXIT button.
  • the correct use of text boxes, labels and list boxes for input and output.
  • appropriate decision constructs and display results

Operation (Program achieves its purpose and conforms to spec)

  • program not working (i.e. syntax errors)
  • deducted per run time error

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