Visual Basic Programming Assignment Answers

User interface background research

In global you have 3 big titles

  1. Background research (which has 4 subtitle)
  2. Conclusion
  3. Bibliography ( books - article - journal - reports)
  • Font used in VB screen is assumed to be verdana, if different then please change accordingly in the document
  • Data grid is assumed to be set read only in screen as it is used only to display
  • Relationship column header is not visible fully in the data grid.
  • Try to have all buttons to be of same background color and fonts are of same size, family and style.

Project for Master Computer science. For the report, an interface is designed to store patient data information for a clinic using a Visual Basic for interface and Access as databases to store the data, XML for updating the data and generate a report using VB and as well extracting data into excel sheet using query.

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Writing up some parts of the project as follow:
  1. Background Research
  2. Elaborate on User interface design background and partial needs in this settings
  3. Discuss existing use of technologies( what other technologies exist to design User interface?)
  4. describe settings and context into users font and tasks
  5. give advantages and disadvantages of using VB and Access technology for design. Mention as well the security problems that could arise using such technology proposal of solving those problems
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography

Notes on what you should include to your group presentation of the TNA to the client

Overriding Theme
A TNA should implicitly have a strategic focus. Emphasise how the training you have identified will help the company reach its business goals (i.e., how will training help the business strategically - be non-technical).

  1. Introduce your organisation and speakers.
  2. Does your organisation have a mission statement?
  3. Identify the key triggers for change.
  4. Outline the TNA process that you undertook – using examples form this organisation to illustrate your outline.
  5. Provide an overview of training objectives.
  6. Provide an overview of training schedule.
  7. Cost estimates?

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