C++ Sample Programming Assignment

Write a complete C++ program to meet the following requirements:-

  1. Keep reading an arithmetic expression from the keyboard until the symbol '=' is entered.
  2. When you enter '=' your code have to solve this expression and compute the correct answer.
  3. In this expression you can use any combination of these operation '+,-,*, /, %'.
  4. support priorities, i.e. '(,) then *, /, % then +,-' when two or more operation have same priority solve from left to right.
  5. Input values are only positive numbers; any positive number less than 1000, the result of the expression could be negative.
  6. program should support 'Backspace'.
  7. program mustn’t accept any unwanted char.
  8. convert the expression from Infix form to postfix form and your program must print the postfix expression on the consol screen.
  9. support these number systems 'binary, decimal, hexadecimal'.
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