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Primary Reformer Main Layout

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Primary Reformer Main Layout:

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The design of the furnace consists of a cylindrical shell constructed from steel. The inner walls are lined with a refractory brick.

The furnace has only a radiant section which contains two rows of tubes situated around the wall of the furnace.

Six burners are placed at the bottom of the of the furnace and arranged in a circular way to maintain an even spread of heat.

Tubes inside the furnace are arranged in tow rows around the wall with centres forming an equilateral triangle shape.

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Text Box: Fig.4.10. A top view of the Furnace.

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The front row and back row tubes are connected to main feed supplier by two cylindrical rings.(fig 4.11) The front ring supplies the front row tubes and the back ring supplies the back row tubes.

The cylindrical rings are connected To each tube from the top.(fig 4.12) The front row and back row tubes are connected also to two cylindrical rings from the bottom which collects the product and transfer it to the main

product pipe.

Text Box: Fig.4.11 An external view of the furnaceMechanical Help

Text Box: 0.25mText Box: . 0.15m

  • Each tube has two domed heads. The top head is connected to two flanges in a way that allows the tube to be opened from the top.
  • The feed entering the tube from the top passes through a gas distributor to maintain an even spread of the gas through the catalysts.
  • Catalysts fills the whole noleme of the tube and lies on a supporting bed.
  • Each tube is supported by two brackets which rest on the furnace wall.

primary reformer main layout

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