Prepare a proposed Network Design Diagram


A company wants to set up a new branch office in KL. It is expected that 20 staff members will be allocated in this new building. The new building will have only one floor. All the staffs will be allocated in the same floor.

The Headquarter is located in Pinang, which is about 350km away from the new office. Network connection is required for new office’s staff to access the centralized database located in headquarter. All staff will also require Internet access for their daily operation.

Most of the staff will be provided with dedicated desktop computer. However, there will be few staffs that will be using Laptop computer and mobile devices. They will also need to access the company computer network.

To save costs, all staffs will be sharing one Internet connection. They will also share one printer and one Photostat machine is they need to print or copy document. Company telephone service will be using computer network for all internal calls within the company and only using the PSTN service for external calls.

Task 1 (20 marks)

Prepare a proposed Network Design Diagram which should include a logical network diagram that highlight on the IP address design and a physical network diagram that will outline the overall layout of the computer network.

Task 2 (15 marks)

Identify basic networking hardware requirements found in networks on par with the OSI and TCP/IP standards. List the basic network components required. Justify why it is needed.

Task 3 (10 marks)

Discuss the various types of wired transmission media. Identify and suggest a suitable wired network media. Justify your suggestion.

Task 4 (10 marks)

Compare wireless services available and suggest the most suitable solution.

Task 5 (10 marks)

Discuss on how Local Area Network (LAN) can be connected to Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) for the new office to access and connect to Headquarter computer network to access resources such as the centralized database.

Task 6 (10 marks)

Discuss on how voice data can be transfer via Internet and its basic operating procedures.

Task 7 (15 marks)

Discus on the possible security concerns that the company should look into and provide or suggest some solutions to avoid or reduce security risks.

Task 8 (10 marks)

Produce a Computer Use Policy for ethical and security implications.