Pre-Workshop Assignment Help

Students participating in the workshop will be expected to perform three pre-workshop assignments:

Assignment 1:

1.1 Choose three papers from the list below and summarize them in at most one page each.

1.2 Evaluate your write up using the Word readability indices∗

1.3 Try to improve your readability index by changing your write ups

1.4 Explain how the changes you made have an impact on readability.

Papers for assignment 1

o Clarkson, P., "Is there a Santa", The Science Creative Quarterly, No. 3, April 2008.

o Ingenbleek J. and Lemaire J., “What is a Sports Car” Astin Bulletin, vol 18, pp 175-186, 1988.

o Kenett, R.S., "Practical Statistical Efficiency" in Encyclopedia of Statistics in Quality and

Reliability, Ruggeri, F., Kenett, R.S. and Faltin, F. (editors in chief), Wiley, 2007.

o Kenett, R., “From Data to Information and Knowledge - or is it the other way around?”, Six

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Sigma Forum Magazine, November 2008.

o Ograjens˘ek, I. and Thyregod, P., "Qualitative Vs. Quantitative Methods", Quality Progress,

pp. 82-86, January 2004

o Wainer, H. “How to Display Data Badly”, The American Statistician, vol. 38, pp 137-147,


Assignment 2:

I would prefer something about venture capital or investment fonds

2.1 Choose a research topic that interests you (if possible, discuss this with your thesis advisor)

2.2 Prepare a one page research proposal and a ppt presentation of 5-8 slides describing it

2.3 Assess the readability of you research proposal write up

2.4 Prepare a basic plan for carrying out the research

Assignment 3:

Evaluate the InfoQ of your research proposal and your research plan. Specifically assess:

o Data granularity

o Data structure

o Data integration

o Temporal Relevance

o Sampling Bias

o Chronology of Data and Goal

o Communication and Data Visualization

o Concept Operationalization

Assignments summary

1. Students are expected to send the three write ups of assignment 1, one week before the workshop.

2. Students should have a draft research proposal and research plan ready for the first day of the


3. Students should perform, before the workshop, an initial InfoQ assessment of their research

proposal, after studying Kenett, R.S. and Shmueli, G., "On Information Quality", To display readability statistics In Microsoft Word: On the Tools menu, click Options and then click the Spelling & Grammar tab. Select the Check grammar with spelling check box. Select the Show readability statistics check box and then click OK.

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