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PHP is open source scripting language, server side scripting language for make dynamic web pages. In these days most of the programmer and open source site use PHP scripts. Php operators used to manipulate or perform operations on variables and values.

There are many operators used in php.

1. Assignment Operators: - Assignment operators are used to set a variable equal to a value or set a variable to another variable's value.
2. Arithmetic Operators: - The main arithmetic operator are (+,-, *, /, %, .) used for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Modulus and Concatenation.
3. Comparison Operators: - the comparison operators are(==,===,!=,<>,!==,>,<,>=,<=) used for Equal, Identical, not equal, not equal, Not identical, Greater than, less than, Greater than or equal to and Less than or equal to.
4. Logical Operators: - the logical operators are(and, or ,not, &&, ||).

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