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Operations Management (OM) deals with the ways all types organisations transform multiple resources into services and products that markets and stakeholders’ value. It is a vital area of competence for managers. OM is an under-exploited source of world class practice and competitive advantage for all types of organisation. Further, it is present in all departments wherein the strategic weapons of superior cost, quality, speed, flexibility and dependability of delivery are applied.

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The module focuses on general management perspectives of medium-short term and day-to-day activities that are consistent with and interdependent on operational and corporate strategies. It reflects the cross-functional and cross-organisational approaches used by persistently successful managers. As such it therefore calls on the contents of other modules. Key decision areas include operational strategy, design processes and standards, networks, facility, equipment and human capacities, logistics and purchasing, technology, quality management, performance management and evolving operational issues.

The content of the module is essentially practical in nature and gives students early opportunities for managing complex performance improvement projects based on persuasive evidence and strategy related cost-benefits. For sustainable implementations, basic Project Management is used. Therefore the module appeals to those working in either service and manufacturing based organisations. The principal text used throughout the module is Slack, Chambers and Johnston (2007) Operations Management. Harlow: Prentice Hall. However you are encouraged to use a variety of other sources as well.

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