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#include "sfr62p.h"

#include "lcd.h"

#include "keyscan.h"

#include "checkleap.h

extern char sec;

extern char min;

extern char hr;

extern char day_number;

extern char Time_inState;

extern _Bool update;

char month_string[]=" Jan ";

char n=2;

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char year_string[]=" 2000 ";

char value;

char date=28;

int year=2000;

char month=2;

char day_in_month[]=31,28,31,30,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,31;//no of days in month

char month_in_year[][4]="jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","jun","jul","aug","sep","oct","nov","Dec";

void main(void)

char time[]=" : ";

char old_value;

char day[][3]="Mo","Tu","We","Th","Fr","Sa","Su"; // week lookup table

char line2[]=" / / ";

_Bool Button_up1,Button_up2,Button_up3;

char state=0;

Initialise(); //needed to set up CPU


{`//config hardware`}


TA0MR=0x80; //f32 clock source

TA0=18750; //25ms tick

TA0IC=0x04; //priority level 0 disabled 7 max

TABSR_0=1; //start timer TA0

enable_interrupt(); //dont forget





case 0:

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