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Matlab Assignment Help Made Easy How To Use Transpose Operator In Matlab

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function [data x y] = readonly(fname,nhead,ncols)

% open the file to be read

fin = fopen(fname,'r');

if fin < 0

error(['Could not open ',fname,' for input']);


for i=1:nhead, buffer = fgetl(fin); end

% read the numerical data

data = fscanf(fin,'%f'); % Load the numerical values into one long vector

nd = length(data); % total number of data points

nr = nd/ncols; % number of rows; check (next statement) to make sure

if nr ~= round(nd/ncols)

fprintf(1,'\ndata: nrow = %f\tncol = %d\n',nr,ncols);

fprintf(1,'number of data points = %d does not equal nrow*ncol\n',nd);

error('data is not rectangular')


data = reshape(data,ncols,nr)'; % notice the transpose operator

x = data(:,1);

y = data(:,2:ncols);

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