Marketing Sample Assignment Part 1

Marketing Strategy

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Question :

1. List the three principal benefits of market segmentation with regard to the development of marketing strategy.

2. Your friend has a small business whose sole service is money transfers. Given the level of competition within that industry, he is debating whether or not to make some additions to his current offering. What three questions you will advise him to answer before adding any new offerings to his business?

3. What is a lighting brand strategy? Discuss the conditions that may lead an organization to adopt such a strategy.

4. Broad categories of interests buyers want to fulfill shen purchasing a lirm's offerings (products or services) are relevant to channel selection at the retail level. List and discuss these four categories of interest.

5. Identify and discuss the important differences between advertising and sales promotion strategies in the context of the marketing promotion strategy.

6. Marketing managers must assess the performance of their products or services over the years in the relevant markets in which they compete. Identify and discuss at least two commonly used performance indicators in marketing.

7. What arc some of the advantages of using mass customization technology to satisfy the needs of buyers?

8. Define operating leverage and explain why limv ith high operating leverage can offer price discounts, especially when they reach their break-even?

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