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1. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of telephone surveys, in-person surveys and mail surveys. List two advantages and disadvantages of each survey method.

2. Explain why internet surveying has become popular in recent times.

3. What criteria would you use for selecting a survey method? Evaluate the mail survey method using these criteria.

4. How could you improve survey response rates?.

5. Compare the observation method to the survey method. When would you choose the observation method over the survey method?

6. Why are the true experimental designs called "true" experimental designs?

7. Describe the pretest-posttest control group design and explain what extraneous variables it controls and why.

8. Why is the one-group pretest-posttest design so ineffective?

9. A profile group wants to test the effectiveness of an anti-abortion commercial. Two random samples, each of 250 respondents, are recruited in Chicago. One group is shown the anti­abortion commercial. Then the attitudes toward abortion are measured for respondents in both groups.

a. Identify the independent and dependent variables in this study.

b. What type of design is this?

c. What are the problems with this kind of design if any?

10. Now let us assume that the profile group above decides to use another type of research design. The select one group and measure people's attitudes on abortion before they show an anti­abortion commercial and then measure the same group's attitudes after they see the commercial.

a. What is the type of design?

b. What are the problems with this type of design?

11. Explain the types of research design categories: pre-experimental, true-experimental, quasi- experimental and statistical. Simply explain the general difference among these four categorie.

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