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Marketing Research


Step 1

1. Visit the websites of one of the marketing research firms listed in Table 1.1. Write a report on the types of marketing research conducted by this firm. Classify this firm based upon the scheme presented in Figure.

2) Define Marketing Research. Describe how you would classify marketing research and give examples. (Describe the steps in the marketing research process and explain each step.

Step 2

What is the difference between a symptom and an underlying cause? How can a skillful researcher differentiate between the two and identify the true problem?

What are some differences between a management-decision problem and a marketing research problem?

Step 3

Differentiate between exploratory and conclusive research.

Compare and contrast cross-sectional and longitudinal design.

Welcome, Inc. is a chain of fast-food restaurants located in major metropolitan areas of the South. Sales have been growing very slowly for the last 2 years. Management has decided to add some new items to the menu; however, first they want to know more about their customers and their preferences.

a. List 2 hypotheses.

b. Which kind of research design is appropriate? Why (exploratory or descriptive or causative)?

Step 5

13. How do syndicated data and data available from other secondary sources differ?

Step 6

14. What are the primary differences between qualitative and quantitative research techniques?

15. Following the methods outlined in the text, develop a plan for conducting a focus group to determine consumer attitudes toward and preferences for imported automobiles. Specify the objectives of the focus group and write a screening questionnaire.

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