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Low Pass Circuit And High Pass Circuit

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Equipment Required

1. Oscilloscope

2. BNC cables

3. Prototype board

4. Power supply

5. 2.2k resistor

6. 8.2k resistor

7. Selection of capacitors

8. Section of connection cables

9. Crocodile clips

10. Pen, paper and calculator


Part A - Practical Aspect

Here you need to build a low pass and high pass filter circuit using the following configurations:-


Low Pass Circuit And High Pass Circuit Image 7

Text Box: (High pass circuit)Low Pass Circuit And High Pass Circuit Image 9

For each circuit you need to select a capacitor to give the low pass filter a cut off frequency of 15,000Hz and High pass filter a cut off frequency of 500Hz. To calculate this you will need to refer to your lecture notes and carry out you own research.

Once you calculate the cutoff point you need select a range of frequencies to allow for a 5 decade log-linear paper chart to be filled in the write up part of the assignment. Additionally before this you also need to fill in a table of results for a range of these frequencies and include the columns Gain, Gain in dB and Phase shift so the results can be calculated and entered on the same table. Once a full table of results for both the low pass and high pass filters are completed you then need to complete the Bode plots, both using Excel and 'by hand' on the 5 decade log-linear graph paper given.

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