Integrated Emergency Fire Exit Lights

In the real life, hazards are expected and presented in properties or building. Hence comes the idea of ‘Integrated emergency fire exit lights’ to give guidance to civilians to exit the hazard area.

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Simply, this project will combine multiple electronic components to out put an integrated device which is modernised and up-to-date with the new technologies.

User requirement speciation

Basically, The operation of the system we are implementing is that the circuit will be connected to two power sources, one will be connected to the device de-energized (AC Source) and the other will be connected to the device energized (DC source) and will operate only in the emergency situations.

integrated emergency fire exit lights

Figure(1) basic wiring diagram of emergency exit lights

In normal situation the device which will be connected to the main power source will be switched to off, however, when hazard occurs the device will start to operate by connecting the second power source (battery) and hence resulting in sensors to operate by sensing the motion of the individuals and therefore guiding them to an escaping routes using illuminating the light signs.

integrated emergency fire exit lights

Figure(2) emergency exit light in de-energized(off) situation

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Figure(3) emergency exit lights in energized (on) situation

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