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Increasing Resolution Using A Shorter Pulse

Increasing Resolution Using A Shorter Pulse

You would have understood from the last few questions that multiple object detection requires good range resolution. One of the possible methods of improving the range resolution is to decrease the duration of the transmitted pulse.

Explain how a shorter pulse would enable improvement in range resolution.

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In order to achieve the required target resolution, the Radar station used a signalling pulse which was only half the duration of the original pulse (ie. Using 500 data points). The environment was polled and the recorded result was stored inside


. Design and plot the required matched filter impulse response signal for the new optimal receiver

Load MultipleObjectDetection2.mat and use the new matched filter to detect the presence of the objects. Provide a plot at the output of the matched filter and hence calculate the distance between the objects .

Due to the fact that we are now using a shorter pulse, the total energy present inside the signal has reduced. State any limitations that you see.

Effects Of AWGN

In MultipleObjectDetection2.mat, we have not considered noise. In practice, the received signal is corrupted by noise. In the following section, we introduce some AWGN to the received signal and examine output at the output of the matched filter. We will be using the signal presented in MultipleObjectDetection2.mat

load MultipleObjectDetection2.mat

mysig = MultipleObjectDetection2;

power = 5;

mysig = mysig + randn(1,length(mysig))*sqrt(power);

Plot the noisy signal, filter using the matched filter and plot the output

Repeat the procedure in step 12, but increasing the noise power to 15. Discuss what you see

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