Identify The Skills Knowledge And Tools Required For The Application Assignment Answer

1- Component selection knowledge.

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In order to select the component there should be well understanding of choosing any component before starting the build-up stage. For instance, there are many types of resistors such as (variable or stable resistors), (1K?, 10K?, 5K?)..etc

2- Knowledge of connecting the selected components.

Connect electronic components must be dealt by a well knowledge individual, there are certain ways and strategies. For example, a power source cannot be directly connected to a component, there should be resistance to reduce the voltage.

3- Knowledge of using ISIS program within 'Protues'.

This program requires a well knowledge users, due to the amount of components and commands as well as coding and connections.

4-Tools box.

Its required for the project in order to be built-up.

Tool Kit Contains:

  • 30W soldering iron
  • desoldering pump
  • snap-off knife
  • miniature long nose pliers
  • miniature diagonal cutter
  • Phillips: 6 x 125mm 5 x 75mm 2.4 x 75mm
  • Flat Blade: 6 x 125mm 5 x 75mm 2.4 x 75mm

5- Soldering.

There are techniques for soldering such as micro-soldering. If for example, un-knowledge person applies soldering techniques on a big board, the result well be burning this board.

  • 30W soldering iron
  • desoldering pump
  • Extract fan

6-Testing equipment.

They are used for testing components and checking results.

Such as:

Digital millimeter.

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