How To Use ISIS Program Within Proteus Assignment Answer

Now place a sine wave generator at the bridge input. Select Main mode - component and P (as before). Choose the library “asimmdls” and select VSINE. Place VSINE onto the schematic (fig 5).

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Fig 5

Step 7

The following design parameters are to be used:

20V RMS supply (Peak of 20 * v2 = 28.28V) at 50 Hz.

Peak to peak ripple of no more than 1.5V

Load resistor of 1k.

From the above we must calculate the capacitor value.

Recall from lecture notes that how to use isis program within proteus

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(assume two diode drops gives 1.4 V)

Iave = 26.13 mA

C = 174.23 µF

Step 8

The schematic components must be edited to give them the required values.

For example, right-click the resistor to highlight it then left click to bring up the edit box. Change RES to 1k (fig 6).

Use ISIS Program Within Proteus

Fig 6

Continue to edit all other components. Note that:

k = kilo

u = micro

M = mega

p = pico

n = nano

Step 9

Similarly right click VSINE and then left click to open the edit box and enter the design parameters as in fig 7:

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Fig 7

Step 10

To begin simulation we must first select “Gadget Mode” and then “Graph” (fig 8).

Then select “Analogue” and draw a rectangular graph somewhere on the schematic.

how to use isis program within proteus

Fig 8

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