How Do You Make Decision

Mathematical models are used in decision making by the decision making units. Your supervisor would like to set up a single Sec. 401(k) plan exclusively for the managers of your organization. Concerned that this arrangement might not meet the requirements for a qualified plan, he has asked you to request a determination letter from brief memorandum, address the following issues:

What information must be provided in the request?

Using form 5300 series the forms must be completed and must contain an original signature and accompanied by the following:
-A copy of the plan
-The appropriate user fee using form 8717, Usr Fee for
employee Plan Determination Letter Request
-If the plan already have a favorable determination letter, a
copy of the plan's latest determination letter and
subsequent amendments/restatements.
-Schedule Q (Form 5300), Elective Determination Requests, this
form must be filed in order for the determination letter to
be considered.

The I.R.S. requests the following information when applying for a determination letter.
The company must submit any prior determination letter with all changes highlighted. This will make the process easier and faster.

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