Fungal Solid-State Upstream Design Project Answer

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Assume that the current fermentation process is based on solid state fermentation in spawn bags and after fermentation is complete, the material is transferred to further drying and recovery process. This makes the assumed current process very labor-intensive, time-consuming and impractical for industrial scale.

Project Objective

A novel solid state fermentation process that supports an industrial production capacity of =50 MT/month

Goals & Expectations

Design a novel large-scale solid state fermentation process. The new process eliminates the use of spawn bags in fermentation stage and eliminates or shortens (=50% of the original) drying process. A continuous process should be considered. The new process facilitates the use of current solid substrate and the key fermentation parameters, including temperature, moisture content, aeration, etc., are well controlled. Supply preliminary design drawings, estimated cost of investment and determined return on investment.

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