Fungal Solid-State Downstream Design Project Help

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Summary, Current Pilot Process

Fungal product used as a bioinsecticide is produced by solid state fermentation on solid substrate in spawn bags. When the growth period is complete, the contents in spawn bags are transferred to a drying process. Once the contents reach a satisfied moisture specification, the contents are harvested.

Summary, Future Full-Scale Process

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Assume theoretically that a plant will be built to produce =50-MT/month. The recovery process will include means to collect excess spores from the solid substrate (specific equipment) for liquid formulations as well as the granular material.


Assume that the current recovery process for drying and harvesting is slow, labor intensive and not scalable in a practical manner. Design a new recovery process that reduces drying time by =50%, includes harvesting of excess spores and storage packaging for the resulting powder and granular intermediates. Dust control should permit collection of dust spores for further processing. Include a setup that will control temperature and humidity in the manner required to achieve the specified moisture content and that also provides an effective barrier to the introduction of contaminating organisms to the drying solid substrate. Include means to clean and sanitize equipment and all room surfaces, with collection of resulting wastewater, if any.

Design the above to support greater than 50-MT/mo. Operations with 30% cost estimates.

Experiments should be conducted to prove basic engineering/scientific concept of the design.

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