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62. the graph shows show changes that have taken place in the united states from 1970 to 2002 or 2003. exercise 62 involve developing arithmetic sequences that model the data.

finance sample assignment

In 1970, the median age of women for first childbirth was 22.1. on average, this age has increased by approximately 0.08 per year.

  1. write a formula for the nth term for the arithmetic sequence that describes the median age for the first childbirth for U.S. women n years after 1969.
  2. What will be the median age for first childbirth for U.S. women in 2009?

70. a section in a stadium has 20 seats in the first row, 23 seats in the second row, increasing by 3 seats each row for a total of 38 rows. How many seats are in this section of the stadium?

70. the population of Texas from 1990 through 1997 is shown in the following table.

finance sample assignment

  1. divide the population for each year by the population in the preceding year. Round to three decimal places and show that the population of Texas is increasing geometrically.
  2. Write the general term of the geometric sequence describing population growth for Texas n years after 1989.
  3. Use your model from part (b) to estimate Texas’s population in millions for the year 2000. according to the U.S. census bureau, Texas’s population in 2000 was 20.85 million. How well does you geometric sequence model the actual population?

36.use the fundamental counting principle to solve exercise 36.
How many different four-letter radio station call letters can be formed if the first letter must be W or K?

50. use the formula for nCr to solve exercise 50.
A four-person committee is to be elected from an organizations membership of 11 people. How many different committees are possible?

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