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Case Study on Finance Assignment

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case study based assignment

1. Introduction: Task and operational selection Select an operational task/activity that you are familiar with and which is amenable to improvement. Describe the chosen activity in terms of input-transformation-output processes and also using any of the tools described during this module. Critically evaluate the process design and identify any gaps in meeting performance expectations. How does the activity fit in the overall organisation performance/competitive offering?

  1. Improvement strategies: Develop optional ways of improving both the effectiveness and efficiency of the selected task/activity and evaluate the suitability of these options. Select your recommended option and describe your rationale for this choice.

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Analyse and evaluate the organisational, personal and legal constraints and resistances that you might have to address and how these might be overcome

3. Implementation: Produce a realistic time-line (Gantt chart format) and cost plan for the implementation of the improvement. Assess the risks involved and give risk containment proposals.

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