ELU Subsystem Performance Requirements

The ELU shall decode received messages from the command and control center and rescue forces.

The ELU shall display transmission acknowledgement and estimated rescue time.

The ELU shall provide a fixed position and time tag of the downed crew member.

The ELU shall transmit at a frequency of 140MHz.

The ELU shall complete transmission of location data in less than 0.23 seconds.

The ELU shall provide automatic status of crew member condition based on EKG results.

The ELU shall provide location accuracy of less than 5m from the downed aircraft.

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The ELU shall have an active receiver at all times once communication is established with the satellite network.

The ELU shall compute its position to within 100m using signals from multiple satellites.

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The ELU shall send updated alert messages that are activated by the ELU operator to the rescue vehicle.

The ELU shall append a coded incapacitation message automatically after 5 minutes of detecting no operator entries.

The ELU shall be self powered 24 hours a day for a continuous period of up to 10 days.

ELU Functional Requirements

ELU Subsystem Performance Requirements Operable with crew member incapacitated

ELU Subsystem Performance Requirements the crew member’s ELU must be contained within the crew member’s ejection package

ELU Subsystem Performance Requirements Secure operation

ELU Subsystem Performance Requirements Positive identification of downed aircraft and crew member

ELU Subsystem Performance Requirements Relay global position to SAR TOC

ELU Subsystem Performance Requirements Interoperability allowing other forces to receive SAR information to assist as necessary in the SAR operation (search, no-fire zone, protection)

ELU Subsystem Performance Requirements All weather, day/night operation

ELU Subsystem Performance Requirements Global capability

ELU Subsystem Performance Requirements Mission planning to assure timing and location for rescue under safest practical conditions.

ELU Performance Requirements

  1. Accept EKG sensor input from standard flight suit data connector
  2. Interpret EKG sensor data to assess crew member status as
    1. Conscious
    2. Unconscious
    3. Dead
    4. Signal Failure
  3. Automatically initiate position update messages every 30 minutes if crew member status is other than Conscious
  4. Withstand ejection and subsequent ground strike environmental and dynamics profiles associated with all aircraft currently in service
  5. Weight of ELU shall be less than 15lbs
  6. Accept coded signal from microprocessor
  7. Exchange synchronization, access and PIN codes with the LEO satellite constellation
  8. Accept daily crypto key data from SAR Command Center
  9. Exchange signals with aircraft data entry system sufficient to positively identify crew member and aircraft to SAR personnel
  10. Receive notification of impending rescue from rescue vehicle via LEO downlink
  11. Process GPS Satellite signal to identify location within 100m
  12. Receive un-coded signals from command and control center
  13. Send a position update upon manual request
  14. Send a series of 30 position updates upon manual request at a rate of 1 per minute
  15. ELU shall operate in the following conditions:
    1. Temperature -32 to 60 degrees C
    2. Rain 0.5 in/hour
    3. Wind

i. Sustained 40kt

ii. Gusts 70kt

  1. ELU shall have the following SWaP characteristics:
ItemWeight (lb.)Size (cu. in.)Power
Battery (lithium organic)1.016.0104-w hrs
Power controller & bus DC/DC converters1.020.080% eff.
Oscillator (1x10*-8)0.820.00.2 w
GPS Receiver2.024.03.0 W
LEO sat. Transceiver2.522.016 w peak (0.25 sec)
Microprocessor Controller1.016.01 w
  • Accept "clean" power from the power supply unit
  • Communicate with the LEO satellite system according to the following parameters:
Transceiver power4 w
Transmit frequency140 MHz
Modulationfrequency shift keying
Bit rate2000 bps
Bits transmitted per message216
Transmission length0.25 sec

Oscillator stability

1 x 10*-8

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