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Online Computer Science Sample Assignment Part 5

Computer science Assignment Help
Discovering Interaction Design

Technical components
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  • Tiny inexpensive processors
  • Sensors and actuators
  • RFID tags
  • GPS
  • Networks

Lecture Interactive Toys
Develop Design Ideas

  • Capture design alternatives.
  • Similar to previous assignment
  • Think of design concepts
  • Capture design rationale (why)

Discovering Interaction Design
Lecture – Prototypes

  • What is a prototype?
  • Why prototype?
  • Different kinds of prototyping
    low fidelity
    high fidelity
  • Compromises in prototyping

Discovering Interaction Design
Lecture – Collaborative Design

  • Computer Supported Cooperative Work
  • Computer
  • Supported
  • Cooperative
  • Work

Discovering Interaction Design
Lecture - Evaluation
Preece's classification of evaluation methods

  1. Usage data
  2. Experiments and benchmarking
  3. Interpretive evaluation
  4. Predictive evaluation

Discovering Interaction Design

Discovering Interaction Design
Lecture - User Testing

  • Prototype
  • Users
  • Tasks/activities

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