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Networks And System Administration

Networks and System Administration assignment is worth 100% of your overall mark for this module.

Aims: The assessment aims to evaluate your ability to: -

  1. Design a LAN using modern technologies, to produce a network that is reliable and scalable.
  2. Appraise a range of advanced network protocols.
  3. Evaluate the performance of computer networks to specific functional objectives.
  4. Propose methods for system administration that are manageable and ensure the availability of the systems within a network.

Brief LAN Design, You are the Network Manager for a department in a large organisation. Each department has it's own technical team which is responsible for it's own segment of the network, you are the manager for one of these segments. As part of an upgrade to the network backbone you have been asked to create a new and up-to-date design for your segment of the network. You have been told to start from scratch and design the 'ideal' network for your department. Your department currently employs 450 staff, all of whom require access to the network. The department is located in a single building. The main business of the department is industrial design. Many users require the use of design packages which use large graphics files. The network must be designed to deal with the current requirements of the organisation and to continue to meet their needs over the next 10 years. There is a requirement for a wireless segment that will be used in the meeting rooms to allow presentations from laptops. Each department connects to the organisation backbone via a router. The departments are all responsible for every aspect of security on their own segment. Your department is not required to provide Internet access as it is provided as a service from the central ICT unit. You should specify the network for the department and all associated hardware: -

  • Describe the stages for the implementation of the network.
  • Specify a network and all associated hardware, including servers, desktops, printers etc, for the building.
  • Specify an appropriate network operating system and any protocols that you would implement.
  • Networks and System Administration

Provide details of how you would implement protocols, such as decisions about IP addressing. Assume that NAT is in use on the network. Use the private address and create 18 subnets. Provide details of the network mask and address ranges for the first 4 subnets.

Network Service and Performance, One aspect of implementing a new network is to improve the service to users. In order to demonstrate an improvement performance measures should be identified that can be quantified both before and after the new network is installed. Write a report that documents the key performance measures that should be monitored on the network before and after the implementation, System Administration.

Workstation Management:

  • Write a policy that will be used by the technical support team to ensure effective use of workstations. The emphasis should be on maintaining workstations to achieve continuity of service to users. The policy should include details of security measures that will be implemented on workstations.

User Management:

  • User support is arguably the most important role of systems administration. As part of the new network being planned (first section of the ICA), the user support system is being reviewed. The department has grown significantly in the last 2 years and there is a general feeling that the user support is inadequate for their current needs. Produce a user support policy that addresses all aspects of user support on the new network.

Network Security:

  • Business continuity depends on the availability of network services. Many organisations now insist that their suppliers have a business continuity plan. Part of this plan includes the security measures that will be implemented across the network services. Write a report that describes the threats faced by modern networks and the countermeasures that should be implemented. The report should provide sufficient detail to be included in a business continuity plan for the department outlined in the first part of this ICA. Include a description of the risk assessment process. Networks and System Administration.

Deliverables You must submit the following items when you submit you assignment to OASIS

The Following Documentation,

  • A report detailing all aspects of the design of the LAN segment.
  • A report describing the performance measures before and after the upgrade.
  • A Workstation Policy that clearly defines all tasks involved in workstation management.
  • A User Support Policy that addresses all aspects of user support on the new network.

A report that describes the threats faced by modern networks and the countermeasures that should be implemented.

A CD with all of your work for this assignment stored on it. Reports to be stored in Word format.

All work must be clearly labelled. You are advised to submit the work in a sealable folder to ensure it all remains together. Criteria The criteria provided below are not a checklist, but an indication of achievement levels. Simply implementing each feature of a grade band is no guarantee of achieving that level; the quality and not just features, of your work will have an influence upon the final mark. Networks and System Administration.

The Backbone Layer

The backbone layer is the areas of a network were a LAN connects to WAN or other larger networks. For the purpose of this proposal, the backbone is the area were The Gerrity and Hall Replacement Campus Network will connect to the outside world (Internet) it will allow emails to be sent and received, web browsing and voice calls. The backbone layer will provide the connection to the ISP; this connection is brought to the rest of the network through a router. Only one router is required at this stage although two will be bought to eliminate down time should a problem occur. As the network has to allow VOIP (Voice calls) it is important that all hardware including the routers are compatible with this service.

A firewall is the first line of defence for any network; it stands between the backbone and distribution layer, allowing only permitted objects or packets into and out of the secure network. It protects networks from unwanted attacks, which could be disastrous for an organisation. Firewalls can be in either software or hardware based; it is suggested for this proposal that a hardware based firewall is used with a software interface for configuring it.

Appendix shows a more detailed diagram of the proposed network. A testing Environment has been set up to allow developers to test new software without the risk of damaging or interfering with the main company network. This brings added security. This area will not have access to the Internet.

Detailed Functional Requirements :

  • A wired IP Based converged network
  • A secure wireless segment in the ground floor meeting rooms of building 1
  • Provide VOIP to all desktops
  • Web enabled
  • Emails services
  • Documentation management services
  • Effective back up mechanism
  • High availability and high performance of both the LAN and the external connection
    • During the hours of 8am until 6pm on Monday to Friday
    • During the hours of 8am until 12pm on Saturday and Sunday
  • A reliable service across the infrastructure
  • An overview of server requirements for :
    • Projects
    • Administration
    • Marketing
  • Server operation system will be Windows 2003 due to existing technical knowledge within the organization.

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