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Toxicology Assignment 1 Part 4

You are part of a science and engineering development team for ACME International Foods (AIF), Inc. Modeling and testing many new manufacturing and packaging processes. Company has many different types of raw food products, processed food products, raw chemicals and chemical processes co-located on the plant grounds. There is concern about workplace exposure to AIF employees, especially with those managing the waste streams of your plant.

Occupational Health and Safety has requested that AIF examine the manufacturing processes and the concentrations of contaminants in the process wastewater stream in the plant since non-gloved employees are routinely handing processing hardware and materials that are wetted with this wastewater.

  • Use the Table for data and complete it to determine an estimate of the relative ranking of adipose tissue accumulation of the chemicals in the AIF wastewater (e.g., A > B > C >…). Show how you did your calculations.
  • P is the octanol/water partition coefficient. [o] is the concentration in the octanol phase. [w] is the concentration in the water phase.
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Chemical in the waste waterConcentrationLogP P = [ol]/[w][o]
ethanol, CH3CH2OH, CAS# 000064-17-57.6 mg/L-0.14
acrolein, C3H4O, CAS# 000107-02-80.06 mg/L0.19
n-hexane, C6H14, CAS# 000110-54-30.58 mg/L3.29
chloranil, C6Cl4O2, CAS# 000118-75-20.02 mg/L2.22
bis-1-methylpropyl phenol, C14H22O, CAS# 031291-60-80.06 mg/L5.41
  • Which of the chemicals in the AIF wastewater might have the greatest trans-membrane transport potential and why?
  • Which of the chemicals might be the most likely to undergo a Phase I biotransformation and why?
  • Several of the workers at your plant have reported dermatitis and rashes on their hands and arms after repeated contact with this wastewater. How you would differentiate this as a chemical toxicity or an allergic response.
  • Using available information resources (HSDB, WWW, books, papers, other), perform a qualitative mini-risk assessment, on the chemical in this wastewater that presents the greatest risk to your workers in this occupational exposure scenario.

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