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Project Audit Report

Context: The Gauchito Ansari X-Prize Project Plan

Deliverable: Written Project Audit Report that encompasses the information requirements as outlined in the PMBOK.

Format: MS Excel document

On the Audit Summary worksheet prepare a report summary organized according to the guidelines found in Gray and Larson.

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On the Audit Details worksheet, examine the Gauchito Final Project document and assess if it meets the requirements as described in the PMBOK (or Gray and Larson). All items require some discussion and notes in the rationale column. If you mark an item as ? No?, include the PMBOK (or Gray and Larson) reference in the rationale column.

Additional notes: All audit worksheet items require a finding ? Yes or No and a reference. Reference the PMBOK section or Gray and Larson text. The purpose is to indicate what you validated against and substantiate all findings. Include discussion in the rationale column for all items.

Executive Summary:

California Technical Corporation 'CTC' is a World Wide Leader in providing business solutions. California Technical Corporation will engineer and build a 7/8 scale model of the Ansari X Gauchito Rocket.

With the requirements in this project, the Project Scope, Project Proposal, Budget Utilization, Cost, Constraints, Requirements, Project Plan, Responsibilities and the Risk Factors, have all been discussed and worked on.

California Technical Corporation the engineering firm has contracted for the following reasons:

  • The personnel are highly skilled and experienced in the field.
  • Over 30 years experience in successful engineering.

In conclusion, California Technical Corporation is a firm specializing in the production of built to scale fully functioning models.

Key Stakeholders:

Pablo de Leon and Associates along with the members of California Technical Corporation are the key stakeholders for the Ansari X Gauchito Rocket project.

Business needs:

Pablo de Leon and Associates requires California Technical Corporation to build a functioning scaled rocket based on their design for entry into the Ansari X Prize Cup. This scaled rocket prototype will allow Pablo de Leon to test their design for reduced cost and prove the feasibility of building a full sized rocket.

Proposal 7/8 Scale Ansari X Gauchito Rocket:

  1. Scope Management Plan:

  2. Scope Definition

    • The project scope for the Gauchito rocket will be defined by the project charter and preliminary scope statement as well as the scope management plan and all approved change requests. The work breakdown structure presents the project deliverables in a hierarchical manner and the definition will include the completed work breakdown structure down to the work package level. The work breakdown structure will be based upon the construction plan, which will be strictly adhered to. In order to ensure proper definition of scope the Project Manager will meet with all of the key personnel regarding every facet of this project. All phases of the project will be broken down according to amount of effort required into smaller work packages.

  3. Scope Documentation

    • The project scope will be documented through an engineering specs descriptive document that is provided by the customer and has been inputted into the project charter. If there are any discrepancies between the product description and the product requirements, as the product description states the rocket must be 37 feet long, the project charter requires a 7/8 scale which is a 43 foot long rocket, then the project manager and the team will discuss this with the customer and define the actual length. There will be an internal central database set up for this project specifically to allow all project team members access to the same information regarding the exact scope for this project. All documentation specific to this project shall be archived and tracked within this database.

  4. Scope Verification

    • The project scope shall be verified through the project scope statement, the project scope management plan, a constant communication with the project sponsor to ensure the deliverables are being met and understood. An inspection of each deliverable shall be performed and shall be compared to the construction plan and the work breakdown structure.
    • The scope deliverables are understood to be as follows:
      5. ATTACH FINS

  5. Scope Management

    • The project scope will be managed through the utilization of change requests to the project and shall be reviewed by the subject matter expert it affects, the project manager and the sponsor. Identification of any risk to the project regarding the change as well as the effect on the schedule of the project and cost will be considered. No changes will be approved until the project manager and team meet with the sponsor to validate the scope. The project manager and customer need to meet to get the customers feedback on any requested changes after they have been validated through the scope to ensure that all of the deliverables are still being met if the change is approved. The project manager and the sponsor must both sign off and approve any changes requested. Any and all corrective actions that are suggested will be considered in the same manner as the requested changes. Corrective actions that need to be taken will be signed off on by the project manager and the sponsor and will be implemented by the project manager. The following change order form will be utilized during the duration of this project.
    • The project scope will also be managed through the project scope statement, the work breakdown structure, the project scope management plan, performance reports, as well as any approved change requests and all work performance information. The implemented change control procedures will be followed with no exceptions, Variance analysis shall be utilized when needed.

  6. Scope Control

    • The project scope will be controlled by utilizing the project scope statement, work breakdown structure, work breakdown structure dictionary, project scope management plan, all project performance reports, all approved change requests and work performance information, which are the scope inputs of the project. The tools used will be the change management plan, variance analysis, any replanning needed to stay within the scope of the project and on task to complete the deliverables, as well as the utilization of the configuration management system. The outputs for the scope control will include any project scope updates, all work breakdown structure updates, all scope baseline updates, any requested changes, any recommended corrective actions, any organizational process asset updates and any updates to the project management plan. All changes, including a preliminary high-level evaluation of schedule, cost and labor etc, will be presented to the Configuration Control Board(CCB) immediately as time is of the essence in the short-term project to determine if any changes should be approved.

  7. Causation of Scope Changes

    • Please note the most frequent causes of scope change requests include:
    • Errors in Omissions-Change in requirements which would result in schedule delays and cost increases which are not allowed in this project at all, due to the short time frame and the race to win the Ansari X Prize.
    • Value-Adding Opportunities-The unforeseen advent of new technology that could add value to the project. Maintain the scope of the project if the new opportunity does not have sufficient return on investment value to offset any risk that could be involved utilizing the new product. We are contracted to utilize only those tool sets which were previously agreed upon. No changes will be acceptable unless signed off on by the CCB, The PM and the Sponsor.
    • Competitive Pressures-Other competitors getting closer to being the first do develop the rocket that will win the contest may cause our team to have to up the schedule and work holidays and weekends.
    • Schedule Slippage- Can sometimes force the team to reduce the scope of the project. This is not an option with this project as it is so detailed and short term. Do not forget this team wants to be first to have a fully functioning rocket to enable Pablo de Leon and Associates to win the Ansari X Prize Cup.

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