Business Development Sample Assignment

Critical Information Systems Paper

Based on one of the following Virtual Organizations:
Smith Systems Consulting
For the selected Virtual Organization, describe an information system that is critical to the business processes of the organization. Included in your description, describe how this information system has an impact on the organizational structure.

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Smith System Consulting

Serving clients since 1994 with high value Web and Business Application Services
Design - Host - Develop - Maintain - Database - Installation - Support - Programming
From custom web design to database solutions and network applications, SSC has the knowledge and experience to make your project a success.

  • Design :
    • Let us help you design and implement your network or website or custom programming project.
  • Host
    • We offer the latest server technology to provide safe and secure website hosting.
  • Develop
    • Our skilled and experienced staff can help you develop your newest technology project or upgrade your current system.
  • Maintain
    • To keep customers returning to your website you need to keep it current. We can help.
  • Database
    • Let our database experts design and develop a database system that will meet your needs.
  • Support
    • We offer premier support services to our clients.
  • Programming
    • Our highly qualified programming staff offers services to meet your programming needs.

About Us

The Web is the market place of the new millennium and can be the center piece of your growth strategy, by automating sales, lowering the cost of world class customer service and enabling any time, anywhere access to streamlined business processes. Smith Systems Consulting, Inc. has the competencies technology, skills and capabilities, to join you in realizing your strategy, from concept to a fully functional Website, built with cutting edge programming, database and networking tools, methods and techniques. Once your site is deployed, SSC can help optimize operations through highly responsive support and high availability maintenance services. Serving clients since 1994 with high value Web and business application services, SSC is your preferred partner when the goal is optimizing business results through a highly effective Web market presence.


The SSC portfolio of services helps our clients optimize the value contribution from their technology and ensures the uninterrupted execution of supported business processes.

Website Hosting

Offers business class domain web hosting at affordable rates. All web hosting is provided on high-end servers inside a state-of-the-art data center located in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Low Cost Monthly WebSite Hosting Fee
  • ASP, CGI, PHP, MYSQL, SSL, FrontPage ext.
  • 24/7 support, online manual
  • Month to Month, no contracts
  • Free Search Engine Submission
  • Redundant T1 Backbone connections

Website Maintenance

The number of websites that make up the Internet is enormous, unfortunately you don't have to browse very far to find numerous websites that have outdated and incorrect information including broken graphics, links and even contact details on their website. Many of these website owners lack the resources and expertise to correctly maintain their websites and are often reluctant to contact development firms such as Website Designs, due to the envisaged costs and protracted contracts.

Some form of continuous management and ongoing maintenance is obviously required, therefore developed the resources and implemented strategies to enable all website owners to have a fully maintained website.

SSC has implemented efficient systems to enable us to fully maintain your website, this encompasses:

  1. Content :
    • The content you present to your website visitors needs to be alive, current and accurate, with regular fresh content people will have a reason to return to your website time and time again. Older articles, files and content can be archived within the website for added resources thus enabling you to build an extremely comprehensive website.
  2. Promotion :
    • Every successful website should constantly generate more and more visitor activity over time. Regular search engine registration and META tag re-engineering are paramount to ensuring the best possible ranking within the search engines.
  3. Technology :
    • Internet technology changes so fast that what is current in one month maybe outdated the next month, this can be clearly demonstrated by the term a 'web year' is only, one actual calendar month. A website begins to look and act old without regular updates and upgrades, furthermore components of the site can malfunction requiring maintenance and updating.
  4. Customer Service :
    • Customers and potential customers often require a response to an enquiry. They may have questions, comments, suggestions and complaints; they wish to know how to place an order or how to contact your customer service department. Whatever their reason some form of timely response is required, we can take care of this function on your behalf or assist you to implement an in-house system to best handle this function.
    • At SSC we have implemented systems that enable us to manage and promote your website in a highly professional manner, we become your webmasters working on your behalf allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Database Design

A database is a collection of data, which is categorized in some way. The data has to be quickly accessible and modifiable for optimal categorization. Relational databases are the most commonly used databases. Data in them is placed in tables and they are accessed usually with SQL (Structured Query Language). The are many different types of databases from proprietary one like Oracle to free ones like MySQL.

A carefully thought-out database design forms the foundation for future success.

We provide a wide range of database design and programming services. Our software tools are using several different database systems, from simpler databases like MS Access for example, up to powerful SQL servers like MS SQL Server. We can provide your business with a brand new database system, but also take care of integration and data migration from your existing solution to the new and modern database system.


Our staff of application specialists will work with you to find a business solution that fits your needs.

  • Custom Software helps you achieve your Business Vision more directly with high benefits results.
  • The goal is to achieve a clear return on investment, lowest cost of ownership and real value from your Custom Software Solution throughout its life.
  • Small projects can provide high yield results.

We provide full service to Define, Develop and Support software projects. Whether you have the full product specification or only the business idea, we can turn your project concept into reality.


Our clients include small and medium sized business organizations, large domestic, multinational and global corporations in a varied cross-section of industries. We also serve a number of government and not-for-profit organizations. Collectively, our clients are some of the most satisfied in the Information Technology Services industry, with overall satisfaction exceeding 98%.

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