Arts And Architecture Assignment Part 1

Discuss the significance of rock music as a signifier of authenticity in the teen pic, past and present. The discussion should demonstrate a good understanding of the concept of authenticity as it relates to music and teen experience and it should pay particular attention to movie: - Linda, Linda, Linda (can be seen on Brophy's article)" and - "The girls can't help it (can be seen on Keightley's article)."

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Comparisons between these two films and discuss about rock culture history as well!

Aims / Functions Of Film Criticism And The Critical Essay:

  • Understand your own response to a film better.
  • Convince others why you like or dislike a film and why it's a significant film.
  • Explain or introduce something about a film, a filmmaker, or a group of films (genre, sub genre, cycle) that your readers may not know.
  • Make comparisons and contrasts between one film and others, as a way of understanding them better.
  • Make connections between a film and other areas of culture in order to illuminate both the culture and the films it produces.
  • Displays a good knowledge of film history, language, concepts and debates.

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