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Aliens Statistics Page

Public Class Stats

Dim I As Integer = 0

Dim LblIndex As Integer = 0

Dim Row As Integer = 0

Dim Col As Integer = 0

Dim MaleV(15) As Integer ' this declares an array to hold the male votes

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Dim FemaleV(15) As Integer

Dim TotalV(15) As Integer

Dim TotalVotes As Integer

Dim MaleP(15) As Single ' this declares an array to hold the male percentages

Dim FemaleP(15) As Single

Dim TotalP(15) As Single

Dim LblMaleV(15) As Label ' this declares a label array to show the male votes

Dim LblMaleP(15) As Label ' this declares a label array to show the male percentages

Dim LblFemaleV(15) As Label

Dim LblFemaleP(15) As Label

Dim LblTotalV(15) As Label

Dim LblTotalP(15) As Label

Dim Vote As IO.StreamReader = IO.File.OpenText("vote.dat")

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