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Question: Complete the table for a savings account subject to n compounding yearly [A=P(1+r/n)^nt]. Round the answer to one decimal point.

Amount investedNumber Of Compounding PeriodsAnnual Interest RateAccumulated AmountTime t In Years
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Question: Fed up with junk mail clogging your computer? Despite high-profile legislation and lawsuits, the bar graph shows that spam has flourished.

accounting sample assignment

The function f(x) = 13.4 + 46.3 in x models the percentage of inbound email in the united states considered spam, f(x), x years after 2000.

  1. how well does the function model the data for 2003?
  2. If law enforcement against spammers does not change and the model is projected into the future, when will 96% of inbound e-mail be spam? Round to the nearest year.

Question: About the size of new jersey, Israel has seen its population soar to more than 6 million since it was established. With the help of U.S. aid, the country now has a diversified economy rivaling those of other developed western nations. By contrast, the Palestinians, living under Israeli occupation and a corrupt regime, endure bleak conditions. The graphs show that by 2050, Palestinians in the west bank, Gaza strip and east Jerusalem will outnumber Israelis. Exercises 7 involve the projected growth of these two populations.

accounting assignment sample

  1. In 2000, the population of Israel was approximately 6.04 million and by 2050 it is projected to grow to 10 million. Use the exponential growth model. A= Aoe^kt, in which t is the number of years after 2000, to find an exponential growth function that models the data.
  2. In which year will israel's population be 9 million?

Question: The logistic growth function

P(x) = 90/1+ 271e^-0.122x
Models the percentage, P(x), of Americans who are x years old with some coronary heart disease.
Use the function to solve.

Question: What percentage of 80-years-olds have some coronary heart disease?

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