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Gender equality: equal pay for equal work

Gender equality is something which is known for being one of the most talked topics. As a nation, we are striving to reach to gender equality for years. We have come a long way but still, a lot is left to achieve yet. When the men and women in a country get and enjoy all the rights commonly, then only gender equality can be established. Today, we see women working along with men. We see that men and women are supporting each other; we see that they are growing together. This aspect is indeed progressive and soothing but we have a darker side as well. There are some places where gender discrimination is still practiced. When you are reading this, somewhere woman rights are being violated. Yes, we have to make combined efforts to make the equality possible. Herewith, we have come are trying to give you an insight on the equality at the workplace. This is because we feel that unless you know each and every aspect of gender equality wholly you may not be able to contribute your bit to improve the situation. Also, nobody should feel constraint to express their views on this aspect.

Workplace equality is a very simple concept. It is just that if men and women are investing same time and energy in their work, generating equal outcomes then they deserve equal remuneration. If a woman is not getting equal wages to her contemporary male staff then is not being treated fairly. If you are thinking that workplace discrimination is limited to a short area or to the lower sections of the society then you are not well-versed with the facts. If you want to get the real aspect just fill your google search box with wage-gap facts. By this, you will find yourself amid a large data of and numerical facts of discrimination that women are facing. Even after being equally educated and skilled half of our population is deprived of their rights.

The harsh and saddening reality is that even the civilized societies are not an exception to this. You can go through the speech of American president regarding equal pay for equal work. He clearly stated that wage gaps are high. If a man gets a dollar for a particular work, a woman is paid only 70 cents for the same. It sounds disheartening that the president of such a developed nation admits this poor state of educated. The situation degrades further for the females belonging to the so-called backward sections. Needless to say anything about the uneducated ones, their sufferings are explicit.

It has been observed in the studies that globally women earn 5% less than women for the same amount and nature of work. The point that has to be noted is the facts on which most of these studies are based. The factors which are considered in such studies and surveys are educational degrees, work experience and training, etc. The unexplained pay-gap is prevalent to a remarkable extent. It is an immediate need to wipe out the wide gap between the pay of women and men for equal pay. Though individual efforts are always precious there are some serious and complicated issues in which they cannot do much. Equal pay for equal work is one such thing. The sad truth is that as an individual we cannot bring the change. A revolutionary change needs government intervention. Unless the government of a particular place is not concerned over this topic wholly, women will continue to suffer lower pay scales.

“How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!” This is what Maya Angelou said. We all should acknowledge the worth of equal rights for every gender. Women are created equal to men. They are not inferior to them. Thus, they deserve their rights. Those who are denying them the same by violating the basic right of equal rights should acknowledge the result of this imbalance. The pay that a person gets s after working is also related to his/her self-esteem. Workplace discrimination questions the worth of employees which directly or indirectly impacts the work environment and self-esteem of female staff. Why cannot we the dwellers of a modern globe understand and accept a basic right as vital as equal pay for equal work?

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