Ashoka and Constantine Sample Assignment

Ashoka and Constantine

Among the greatest nations who have remained unacceptably influential in the past are Ashoka and Constantine who have their distinct identity as well as separate culture. The basic difference of religions they both belong to is a major difference. Constantine was a converted faith, and so were Ashoka. Both were the major elements of the religion spread while they both were followed by the ruler who makes them strong and powerful.

Ashoka believes on the religious significance and priority of one religion which is their Buddhism. However, Constantine gave the right to practice any edicts which one wanted to follow. The major focus of Constantine was to avoid the social instability and other associated elements i.e. equality while Ashoka though believes in focusing on better economic conditions, but they didn’t focus on the equality of any sort or kind. Both Constantine and Ashoka preached about tolerance within different sects of the society, but Ashoka privileges the upper sects of society in this domain as well.

Constantine implemented some of the sanctions on Jewish while the behavior of Ashoka was different not only from other religions but also for the lower sect in the religion. Council was responsible for the decision-making process in Constantine as well as in Ashoka, but in Ashoka, the members of the council were mainly comprised of two upper classes of the society. Traditions and religious festivals were more in Ashoka while Constantine somewhat took a resistive step in this domain as well. There was prohibition being implied against the celebration of Lord’s Super day. The influence of both Ashoka and Constantine impacted majorly on the social domains of the society.