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An article is a piece of information written and published in a newspaper, magazine, web portals etc. There are numerous types of articles such as News articles, informative articles, academic articles etc. All of the articles require substantial knowledge of the subject and their applicability. Articles have to be written very carefully and they must be written in an influential way.

How to write an effective article?

Article Writing can sometimes be tricky. It is important to write down an article which is influential and does not lack the bit of engaging someone. The important steps to write an article are as follows:

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  1. Understand the topic: Before writing the article, there is a great need to understand the topic thoroughly. The better the understanding of the subject matter, the better will be the phrasing of the article. You must take into consideration the topic’s meaning and what purpose it serves. Its analysis must be done before writing it. You must get acquainted with the topic you are going to write about. You must figure out whether it is a NEWS Article, feature, editorial, academic etc. The content is to be prepared on the basis of the type of the article.
  2. Brainstorm on the topic: Once the knowledge about the topic is obtained, brainstorming is to be done regarding the subject matter. Brainstorming is done before the research work is initialized so as to come up with original ideas about the topic. The originality helps in making the article more attractive. The basic points to unravel in brainstorming are to know the points that most people overlook while writing about such topic and what you want to convey through that article to the people.
  3. Research the topic: Researching the topic is the most crucial part of writing the article. The research helps in forming the arguments for the article and finding relevant supporting evidence to the argument. The research helps in gaining deeper knowledge about the topic. This helps in finding the unique angles to the topic. This makes the article much more engaging and attractive. The better the research work is, the better will be its presentation. There are various sources for researching a topic. These include online web portals, books, encyclopedias etc.
  4. Hone your Argument: Mostly in article writing the writer needs to provide his argument. This argument needs to be effective and strong because it acts as the trigger or the thrust of the article. In order to make an effective argument, it must be backed by effective evidence. This will help the writer in proving his argument and influence the reader. The whole article must be written with taking into consideration the argument. All the subsidiary arguments must be in support of the main argument.
  5. Find reliable evidence to the conclusions: Some readers stress mainly on the conclusion part of the article because it is the conclusion that needs to be effective. The conclusion needs to be backed by strong evidence. The conclusion is the ending note of the article and it must be engaging.
  6. Consider your audience: While writing down the article, the writer must understand his audience, their tastes, their mindset and their approach to certain aspects. The reading levels, interests and academic level of the audience must be taken into consideration so that the article being formulated succeeds in conveying its message to the audience.
  7. Formulate an outline for the topic: Once the writer is clear about the topic, the audience, his argument and the evidence in support to the argument; he must create a blueprint that will help him in stressing upon the main areas. This blueprint will work as the temporary architecture on which the building of the article will be built. The blueprint will help the writer in finding out the weak areas of the article and correcting them.
  8. Avoid Plagiarism: The writer must avoid plagiarism while writing the article. The article will lose its originality if it is being copied from other sources. The reliability of the article gets lost when it is copied from other places. Using content from other sources can be an offence too. If you are using a specific phrase from another source; such source must be cited in the article.
  9. Write the article with a compelling conclusion: The article should be written as per the blueprint so made. The article must be supported with appropriate evidence and the conclusion should be supported by some quotations and phrases to make it more interesting.
Article Writing Services

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