Analyze a film

Week 5 Discussion 2

Many things can be gained from analyzing film. Through analyzing film, we can determine what type of shot and camera angle the director used. We can tell by the lighting and music what mood the cinematographer was wanting the audience to experience. We can also see the moral of the story behind the film itself. By analyzing a film, you can determine if the director is an auteur director or not.

Being able to analyze a film has made me look past a love scene and see the details the cinematographer has added to bring that love scene to life. By looking at the lighting, camera angles, and costumes, I can determine the mood, the deeper feelings, and genre of the film. I can close my eyes and know that because of the music what is happening in the scene.

Knowing what film theory is and the meaning of true criticism in film can assist in telling what the director was trying to say in his storyline without listening to aggregated reviews. It can help determine if the film director used the best cast for the genre or if he worked with the best cinematographer to capture his ideas.

This Assignment has opened my eyes to the way a film is made. When watching movies that I have seen hundreds of times, I now look past just who is in the movie and break down what the director is saying that our society needs to hear. For example, most of the courtroom movies are about justice of some sort. But what type of justice or justice for what reason? I can now see that directors base their storylines off society and what is happening in the world today.

There are two skills I have learned throughout this Assignment. One is how to look deeper into a subject and see what is truly being said. The second is pay attention to detail. People can send messages through body language, by paying attention to these signals it can benefit you in life. By taking this Assignment I have learned to look for details. These details can help me better read a person.