How to write an analytical essay?

Analytical Essay Writing Help

Essay writing is one the most sought-after talents in potential employees by companies in any sector. For decades, it has been an extremely essential medium for expressing thoughts and reaching out to a wider audience. The methods of writing and types of essays have evolved to a large extent over a period of time. There are a few varieties of essays which are extensively used in professional sectors. An analytical essay is one of those.

It aims at picking up a certain theme or topic and analyzing the situation in all respects- whether positive, negative or diplomatic. To most people, crafting an analytical essay seems like a daunting task since it involves a lot of opinions along with facts.  However, it is pretty easy to a get hold over it of if you practice with the right techniques.

You will be required to situations and business deals with various confusing options on the pallet when working in any multinational company because reports are turning into old-school form and analytical essays have taken the front wheel. On the contrary, writing an old school report was much easier as you were simply supposed to state facts but an analytical essay talks about various aspects of keeping the facts on the string.

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In this article, I will explain the key points of mastering analytical essays.

1. Read magazines and business article

Even if you plan to read a Lifestyle magazine, you will know what I mean. Business articles and economic news pieces also read as live analytical essays. The situations are perfectly dissected into parts or stages and are discussed in detail. You will understand the concept of stating facts and predicting upcoming results. You will also grasp the concept of detailing a certain topic without making it boring the reader. If you do not reach the end of the business article within a maximum of ten minutes, consider the article to be not worthy getting published. This is the ultimate aim of an analytical essay. The CEOs and executives of huge profit companies are usually the target audience of such essays and hence, reading time becomes an important aspect.

2. Stick with the issue

Though analytical essays are supposed to talk about various topics, you must always keep your stronghold with the major topic to be discussed. Do not stray away from the topics. Make sure that you swift around the facts and their advantages and disadvantages. It is best to give a certain reference as to where you are taking the asset from if the reader wants to indulge in details.

3. Pick up facts

The first and foremost thing about analyzing a situation is to know what happened and what caused it to happen. For example, if you are supposed to analyze a character sketch from a novel, it becomes essential for you to read the whole story. Only then you will be able to pick up extracts from the text to support your stance. There might be a small incident which may not be important for the story but it might give you enough evidence to emphasize on the character. Hence, identify and pick up a fact which you feel might help you in your objective.

4. Outline

Writing an outline somewhat becomes necessary after you are done collecting facts. You must organize the data or facts in a sequence or in a proper structure. This will give you a clear view of what you have in hand and what exactly you can carve out of this mold. Given all the elements, you are to strike off those elements which you feel are not relevant or highlight those which seem otherwise. Formulating an outline is extremely important since it can make or break your essay. A correct outline will certainly prove highly useful.

5. Thesis line

The thesis line is an integral part of your analytical essay. It becomes a deciding factor for your reader and determines the tone of your essay. It can also change the Assignment of your discussion. Hence, choosing a correct thesis line is a must. Now, this could be a tricky aspect of writing. I suggest you try and identify thesis lines from other essays while reading. Also, make sure that your thesis line makes an impact on the reader while giving a silent hint to your conclusion.

6. Advantages and disadvantages

Clearly apparent from the name itself, an analytical essay is supposed to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the situation. Basically, you can emphasize the positive and negative consequences of the situation. Always remember not to be biased and try to overcome any animosities that may arise.

7. Structure of the essay

Analytical essays are categorized under professional essays and hence, there is a certain structure to be followed. Quite similar to an Expository Essay, an analytical essay also consists of five paragraphs. The first one is the introduction. The second and third ones talk about the situation and the causes. The fourth paragraph analyses the consequences and after effects while the last one spells out your conclusion.

8. Introduction

The introducing line should generally begin with a quote or a sensational tagline tilting towards the incident you are supposed to analyze. You should give a clear insight into what you are about to explain. A very good example of this are taglines of newspaper articles which follow after the headlines. The most important part of this paragraph is the thesis line which should be distinctly highlighted.

9. The body of the essay

The next three paragraphs which follow the introduction comprise of the body of the essay. You should explain what happened during the incident first and then go on to list out reasons and causes. You must stick with the facts while formulating this two paragraph. In the fourth paragraph, you can account the details of the after effects or consequences. For example, while writing a character sketch, you initiate by detailing the incident that happened to the characters. In the next paragraph, you write about the actions of the individual and how it affects the story.

10. Conclusion

The last paragraph is supposed to conclude the essay. You are supposed to give your own views and opinions here. It is viable to always mention reasons or little hints as to why you have chosen that stance. However, in most essays, the body of the essay speaks for the conclusion. The thesis line should be perfectly evaluated. For instance, the character sketch should end with something like ‘Harry was brave, loyal, caring and compassionate but lazy as well as lucky’. Make sure that you don’t bias your opinions on the reader but subtly put across your point.

Analytical essays are not very difficult to write if you have enough facts and knowledge about the situation. The key here is to identify the issue, gather enough details, formulate opinions by pondering over aspects and then, combining all of together in the outline. Use basic yet attractive language in your essay to make it interesting to even the least bother audience. Keep the special focus on the thesis line and how it unfolds into your entire essay.