Analysis of Smart Phone Dataset Sample Assignment

Question 1

The overall average monthly bill of the sample was $65.95, with a minimum bill value of $13.00 and a maximum bill of $350.00. This represented an overall range of $337.00 respectively. I would like to point out to you that the sample data did present some extremely high values in the data set thus explaining the high average monthly bill. As such a good measure of representation I propose is the middle value from the smallest bill to the highest was found to be $61.00. Also, a quarter of the sample had monthly bill less or equal to $40.00 whereas three quarters of the sample had a bill of $85.00 or less. Therefore, the range of the middle fifty percent of the sample was $45.00. Overall, the bills varied from the average by an amount of $42.24. This high value was again due to some high bills that changed the data significantly. This high level of variability is further confirmed when we calculated a measure of relative variation with respect to the overall mean which was 64.05%.

Question 2

In section 2 we analysed the monthly bill amounts with respect to those that were on prepaid plan versus those that were on post paid plan.  The overall average for prepaid plan was $69.75 and that of post paid plan was $63.05.  A depth analysis revealed that the overall average for prepaid plan was higher due to the presence of two extremely high monthly bill amounts whereas in the case of the postpaid plan there was only one extremely high monthly bill. We can say that both monthly bills set were extremely distorted by the presence of high values but more pronounced for prepaid plans. The interesting thing is that for prepaid plans, the minimum monthly bill was $13.00 and the highest bill was $350.00; whilst that of postpaid plan the lowest bill was $14.00 and the highest was $150.00. We noticed again due to the presence of extreme values, that the variation in the data was much higher for prepaid plan than that of postpaid plan. In fact on average, each monthly bill varied by a value of $56.60 from its average compared to $26.53 for the same statistics for post paid plans. Visual observation of the data also indicates that if we removed the extreme values from our analysis, it appears that the difference in the data would not be as significant as considering the extreme values.

Question 3

In terms of download content, we observed that 30% of the times it was for videos followed by Ringtones at 16%. Third we found at 15% it was for music followed by games at 12%. Lastly Wallpapers and Others contents were downloaded 11% of the times respectively.

Question 4

In terms of satisfaction breakdown by 4G providers, an overwhelming majority indicated that they were either very satisfied at 42% or moderately satisfied at 33% respectively. The proportion of those that were either a little dissatisfied or very dissatisfied were 18% and 7% respectively. We further went on to analyse level of satisfaction with providers by gender and we noticed the patter noted earlier overall repeated itself when analysed by gender. In other words, we noticed that by gender, most of the respondents indicated that they were mostly satisfied with a total level of satisfaction for male being 73% and for females 79%. Among the very satisfied, 71% were male and 29% females. In the moderately satisfied, 73% were male and 27% female. In conclusion we notice that there were no significant relationship between level of satisfaction with providers and the gender of the customer.

Question 5

In the analysis in the last section we tried to see if some of the factors in the survey were closely related to the monthly bills. With the number of calls and monthly bills, we observed that there was a strong positive relationship between the two variables. The same was noticed for number of SMS sent and the monthly bills. However, there was a moderately positive relationship between the monthly bills and number of MMS sent the percentage of times the phone is used for work. Overall those factors mentioned are in fact positively influencing the monthly bills but the number of calls and number of SMS’s are the most prominent determinant of monthly bills.