Amazon compute service level agreement

  • This Service Level Agreement is for Amazon web services. This assignment will mainly focus on Amazon EC2, which is an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. It eliminates the need for hardware while making development and deployment of application faster. Amazon EC2 help launches virtual servers, configure security and networking, and manage storage. This SLA is for four product and services including Amazon EC2.






Reason for rating

Weighted Factors


1= not important

5= very important

Objective of the SLA


All objectives are stated clearly with explanation of inclusion and exclusion of services

5- All objectives should be clearly mentioned

Time period of the SLA


This SLA was updated February 12, 2018. Making it up to date and it is updated every year.

4- SLA should be frequently updated

Services Covered by the SLA


Sla provides detailed description of service availability. 10 % service credit can be received if the Monthly Uptime Percentage

 is less than 99.99% but equal to or greater than 99.0% while 30% if Monthly Uptime Percentage Less than 99.0%.

5- Very important element as it provides the customer what can be fixed or serviced.

Level of Availability and Reliability Agreed To


Claims to make service and products available 99.99% of the time and gives the list of availability zones. Provides detailed explanation of what unavailability means and under what circumstances service credit will be applied.

5- reliability and availability directly reflect on the customer business

Level of Throughput Agreed To


Aims to provide 99.99% of monthly uptime

3- important to know but not as important as other elements

Service Continuity after a Disaster or Major Disruption


Claims will provide service credit but does not provide details for instance of disaster or major disruption

4- disaster are meant to happen. Important to have a disaster relief plan

Security Aspects Agreed To


Provides no detail in case of security breach or security in general, but it is provided in AWS customer agreement.

5- Secuity is very important in this era of hacking

Method for Setting Priorities for Incident Handling


Does not provides Method for Setting Priorities for Incident Handling

3- important if any faced any service interruptions

Target Times for Incident Response and Resolution


Doesn’t provide target time

3 -important if any faced any service interruptions

Agreed Maintenance Windows


Doesn’t provide maintenance window

3- maintenance should be done periodically

Metrics/Methods by Which the Service Delivery will Be Judged


Uses the monthly uptime percentage to judge the service availability

3- important for quality purposes

SLA Reporting Periods


No SLA reporting period is provided but it is provided in AWS service terms.

4- important for quality purposes

Validation triggers


If you put in a service credit request AWS will confirm the uptime percentage with their records and then qualify you for service credit

4- important for quality purposes

Monitoring frequency


No Monitoring frequency

is provided but it is provided in AWS service terms.

5- system should be monitored 24/7



Total weight =70

Total SLA weight=61

Mean= 4.3

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