Advanced manufacturing engineering

With the time that the University has now started to end and you are now going to be a graduate engineer, life is going to be lived like a real adult which in short means life is going to be tough and there are some real decisions that are to be made. Most of the students who would be graduating at this time of the year would have one question in their mind and that would be whether they should continue studies and go for Master’s program or they should join an organisation and do a paid job or an internship in the field they prefer. Choosing a Master’s program means that you are going to do a specialised Assignment in a subject of your choice. If you are one of the students who are willing to go for Master’s program and want to get graduate degree in the field of engineering but confused about the Assignment or the college or the university because there are so many in the world to choose from, each one better than the other in some of the other way then this post might just be for you because here we are going to discuss about one of the most searched topic on the Internet for a graduate degree in the field of engineering. Yes, you guessed it right it's advanced manufacturing. Before we get into the details about various institutes, like the minimum requirements to get into the college, whether the work experience is required or not, the tuition fee, acceptance rate and the work and life balance, let's first discuss something about advanced manufacturing.

Advanced manufacturing means that when there is an improvement needed in any manufacturing process of any kind for example like improving the efficiency, reducing the time, less wear and tear of the components, increased quality of the manufactured product or any decrease in the cost for making the same thing, all comes under advanced manufacturing. There are various industries that are now hiring people for the advanced manufacturing processes. Some of them are as follows:

  1. 3-D printing and/or any process that could be said as an alternative to the traditional process that used the subtraction process. The reason that 3-D printing is in on the top of the list because nowadays new innovations are being taken place that involves a lot of 3-D printing and hence the industry is in need of some brilliant manufacturing engineers who are ready to revolutionize the 3-D printing sector.
  2. Manufacturing processes where a lot of carbon fiber is used. The reason it is getting so much attention and investments is that carbon fiber is a very expensive material and used only by some of the most premium brands in the industry. The price being a major issue here is the reason why experienced engineers are allowed to go near the machine is handling the manufacturing processes related to carbon fiber.
  3. The industry that makes the most extensive use of Advanced manufacturing is robotics industry where one can change each and every move of the robot so that the manufacturing process is more efficient than it was before. Some of the other applications for the same will be discussed in the further part of the article.
  4. Nano Technology: Nanotechnology is using advanced manufacturing processes because the things that are made using the same order of size 10 to the power -3 and hence it is very important that these processes should be of top-notch engineering.

Before starting with the article here are some cool statistics to make you stay on the article. According to the Australian Bureau of statistics, the total employment for advanced manufacturing processes was almost close to 200,000 million. There was a total of $28,000 million spent on the industry of advanced manufacturing. The organizations manufacturing the same made almost close to hundred thousand million dollars. Now with the employment rate being very high in this field student are now choosing this as a career option and want to do a postgraduate degree in the same. Further below in the article are some of the top colleges across the globe that provide graduate as well as undergraduate Assignments in advanced manufacturing.

Since the master of engineering programs our combination of subjects that were in the undergraduate Assignment, the project work, the internship experience as well as the thesis. Because There will be subjects like process and control, business and it’s fundamentals, development of project processing and many more. Since the Assignment has a very practical approach and applications, most of the colleges/universities ask the students to go for almost half year of industrial training where is student gets to work with some of the most prestigious organizations and learn from the same.

Most of the colleges start their applications from December mid and can go on till March with most of the results coming up in April now these are just the average sheets. The actual information can be taken from the official website of these colleges. Now further from the dates for the applications let's not discuss the Assignment and the subjects that are going to be included in the same.

  1. Machine mathematics: this is the subject where the student learns about mathematics that is being used in the machines that are planted in major manufacturing stations this might include topics like decimals, fractions, waste convert between different units, percentage and probability, interpretation methods like Newton Raphson and range Gupta. Most of these mathematical tools will be used to help in the trigonometry or to properly understand the mechanical drawings. Since this type of mathematics requires a huge amount of operations, the calculation will be allowed to use the scientific calculator.
  2. Machines and their processes: as the name suggests in this subject restaurant will be learning about how the process takes place in the machine and how some changes could be made in the same so that efficiency of this increases. Please also note that along with the subject do universities have started adding robotics as well in the same because they feel that robots are not taking a major part of the manufacturing processes and most of the manufacturing plants, the biggest in the industry are mostly handled by Robots, hence instead of keeping it as it totally different subject colleges prefer to teach the same under machines and the processes.
  3. Laboratory works for machines and the processes: just as we read about the Assignment above, that one was theory colors and this one is more of a practice. Here the students will be learning about how to set up the machine and many other tasks related to the same.
  4. CNC machines: CNC stands for computer numerical control machines, these are programmable machines that can be made to according to the need of the hour. The basic reason that these machines are included in the cost is because almost all the organisations that do any sort of manufacturing on any scale have started to use these machines because these machines are not only very officiant but also very versatile at the same point because if there is need to reprogram the manufacturing process these machines are most helpful in that. A subtopic that comes under CNC machine Will be lean manufacturing, various properties of materials that are going to be used in manufacturing processes and advanced CNC machine processes. In other words, in this subsection the student to learn about various applications on the CNC machines.
  5. Managing subject: the reason why it is named as managing subject is that every university has a different name for the same. Most of the universities like to call it as operations management/manufacturing management. In this Assignment, the students will be allowed to do some independent activities where they need to buy the raw Material that is going to be used in the manufacturing processes as Will make some strategic decisions portraying the role of a manager in a manufacturing station. Some of the tasks that the students might have to take our like forecasting demand, managing their engineers, how each and every process will take place and once the manufacturing is done how is the manual going to store the manufactured product. The main benefit of the subject is that the student will get the inside of an operation manager and make them realize that being at a higher post also means having more responsibility.
  6. Internship/industrial training: as discussed above in the article, the students from the Master's degree need to go for an internship/industrial training program that is set up by various organizations across the globe so that they are able to get the exposure that is needed. Some things that the student might need to take care of while applying for the same are that there is a pre-set GPA that some organizations set so it is always advised to keep the GPA average above normal in case you're planning to apply at some prestigious organization. Some organizations also set up the minimum number of hours that a student has to work in their organization. Some of the documents that the student might need before applying for the same are: resume, cover later, the latest mark sheets that are available and some more according to the specific needs of the organization. The students might also have to give some aptitude test before joining the organization.

Having said enough about the Assignment details, the student should remember that this Assignment will help them to get the skills that are required to become a manufacturing engineer and add to an existing manufacturing plant. The students will also be able to make better decisions after the Assignment because there are a few subjects that are related to management in the same. A manufacturing engineer should never forget that many factoring is all about taking the right decision at the right time and the Assignment that has been described above challenges students to the core which makes and shine and industry ready. I hope this article was enough to get you started on the Assignment, if you still have any doubts about the same, please feel free to reach us out at