ACCT604 Managerial Accounting

Assignment Question:

Assignment Requirements:

Please read the two sustainability reports mentioned in any one option.

Option 1: AGL and Origin Energy

AGL Sustainability Report 2017 

Origin Energy Sustainability Report 2017 

Option 2: NAB and Commonwealth Bank

National Australia Bank Sustainability Report 2017

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Corporate Responsibility Report 2017 

Option 3: Deakin University and RMIT University 

Deakin University Sustainability Report 2017

RMIT University Sustainability Annual Report 2017

After reading the two sustainability reports, compare the two sustainability reports.

Assignment Answer:


Businesses are increasingly placing emphasis on improving their sustainability performance for improving the transparency and accountability within their business operations that helps them in achieving the trust and confidence of the stakeholders. The sustainability reports are developed for measuring and communicating the economic, environmental and social impacts of an organization. The information disclosed through creation of sustainability reports helps in promoting the goodwill of an organization among its stakeholders. This is because the reports developed provide information about the measures adopted by an organization to address its social economic and environmental issues (Chen, 2015). In this context, this report is developed for providing a comparative analysis of the sustainability reports of the two companies operating in the same industrial sector. The companies selected as such are Origin Energy and AGL Energy Limited operating within the energy industry of Australia. It comparatively examines the sustainability strategy, effectiveness of reporting on key stakeholders, areas of strong and weak sustainability performance, use of GRI framework, external assurance and sustainability rating of the two selected companies.

Sustainability Strategy, Objectives or Principles

AGL Energy Company

AGL Energy Ltd is an Australian listed public company involved in the generation as well as retailing of electricity and gas for residential and commercial use. The company is involved in providing energy products such as electricity, gas, solar and renewable services to homes and businesses. The company places high importance on incorporating sustainability performance into its long-term strategic plan and mission. The company’s sustainability strategy is to undertake long-term responsibilities towards promoting the welfare of its customers, people, investors, community and the environment. The objective of the company is to provide affordable, reliable and lower-carbon energy solutions to all its customers. The long-term goal of the company is to work actively with its stakeholders and develop a sustainable energy future for the country (AGL Sustainability Report 2017, 2017). The company is highly dedicated towards incorporating sustainability into its business operations for ensuring the protection of nearby community and environment (McElroy, 2012).

Origin Energy Limited

Origin Energy is a recognized Australian listed public energy company involved in providing electricity, natural gas, solar and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). The company is involved in delivering high quality energy products to the customers in a manner so that it is able to meet their present as well as future energy needs. The sustainability strategy of the company is to explore innovative energy options to meet the future energy requirements of the customers. The company aims to produce energy in a sustainable manner by exploring it through various renewable energy sources so that the future needs of the customers can be adequately met. The objective of the company is to become one of the leading energy retailers that are recognized for producing energy products in a sustainable manner. The company is aiming to achieve this objective by exploring the range of renewable energy as well as traditional fuel energy sources such as wind, solar, coal and natural gas energy resources. The long-term goal of the company is to develop a robust supply chain that is able to deliver high quality energy products to the customers in a sustainable manner. The company is emphasizing to reduce its green house.