Academic Skills In Practice Sample Assignment

Executive summary

The report focuses on the career advantages that are obtained due to the increasing college goers. This emphasizes on the importance of the transferable skills thereby emphasizing on the possible future job opportunities that lie ahead.


The report highlights on the major importance that lies in widening the college level skills with special focus on the increasing collaboration, leadership and communication skills of an individual. This greatly helps the students to develop their soft skills, which are prepared from college itself thereby using them for their future growth opportunities. Emphasis is further laid on the importance of transferable skills that are of great help in showing the fitness of oneself for a specific of job role irrespective of their experiences. These skills greatly help to develop the core skill set and abilities within an individual thereby helping them to develop the basic knowledge for applying to a wide range of jobs and industries (Assiter, 2017).

Experience based on the transferable skills

Considering my example, I have greatly been able to develop my own skill set and abilities in the business and management field thereby improving my core transferable skills. This has greatly helped me to focus on my own abilities and widen my opportunities to develop my career. There are certain abilities that I have been able to work on and improve that have helped me to widen the scope for my career choices. The first skill includes my development in carrying out an effective communication, which has helped me to share my ideas with other people and understand the job market better. This skill is of great help to met to carry out an effective interaction with the customers and my fellow bosses and colleagues thereby charming them with my persona. The second skill that I believe has developed in me is the ability to manage the time. By learning about the setting of budget and a time scale, I have been able to use my time wisely and use it to manage the time effectively. This also widened my job opportunities since time management is a crucial aspect of every organization. This has in turn helped me to stay on track, prioritize, and meet the tasks in time. This has also helped me to manage my stress and obtain success in many fields. The third skill, which I have developed, is self-motivation. This has not only widened my enthusiasm while working and fining the assignments, but has also helped me to mitigate all the challenges of my life. By mastering this skill, I have also been able to increase my learning abilities and dictate success. This also widens the possibility of improving my potentials and helps me in my future career growth. The forth skill which I consider to be my strength is the ability to lead and collaborate with others thereby mixing with people easily. This not only has helped me to widen my leadership power but has also helped me to improve my commitment and focus followed by an increased confidence.

The procession of an effective transferable skill acts as a great asset of life for each individual and greatly helps him or her to develop the natural skills that one possesses. These innate skills not only help them in one part of life but acts as an important asset for all sections of life and help to grow the communication power and critical thinking (Carvalho, 2016). This further helps to improve the teamwork and writing power thereby diversifying one’s integrity further.  The Transferable skills also help t develop the knowledge and ability of an individual in their learning process and help them to cope up and manage with every type of situation in life. Besides these, they act as a great medium to widen the job scope and career development. They further help to develop the problem solving power and allow an individual to manage all challenges of life. These experiences act as important possessions of an individual and add to the benefit of a person in their personal and social growth.

It is of utmost importance for the students to ensure that they develop their transferable skills while studying in the colleges so that their future career opportunities diversify and they are able to improve their quality of life for the better. They thoroughly require putting focus on the teaching life skills thereby improving their ability to work while being in a team. This is of great help to them to improve their team working abilities that would also help to build relationships and boost their motivation and confidence (Canelas et al. 2017). The concept of leadership which they are able to develop in the process also acts as a positive role model for their life which helps them to outshine themselves form the others and use this attitude in their work post college. This further widens the integration of their local community and improves their chance for bettering themselves thereby helping them to stay on track and build a strong resilience.

Future job planning

The focus on a suitable career plan comes from the skills one possess and how efficiently they are able to display it in their real life situations. This in turn helps to set up certain career goals that are helpful in developing future job planning.  Considering my case, from the skills that I have mentioned beforehand, I strongly believe that my career lies in being a Business Analysts. The knowledge that I have gained from carrying out a business management study has immensely helped me to widen my degree of knowledge and skill for this career. With the skills that I have been able to inculcate in myself, I believe that the job of being a Business Analyst would greatly fit my career options. The leadership and communication skills would greatly help me to identify the problems that a company may face from carrying to frequent interactions with others. The management of time and an effective power to collaborate would further add to my benefit while trying to widen the company’s sales thereby documenting their requirements. This would also help me to assist other businesses and use these abilities widely while working for a given organization.

In order to pursue my goal of becoming the Business Analyst, I believe my present skills would greatly help me to meet my aims. However, there leis some other additional skills which I further need to develop so as to carry out with the job profile and its operations effectively. This follow an effective critical thinking skill that would further improve my evaluation techniques and help me to find respective solutions to the various problems that may turn up within an organization (Lohmann and Zur Muehlen, 2015, August).

I should further sharpen my management and leadership skills so that I am thoroughly able to understand the organizational objectives at the soonest and provide a direction to my co-workers. By emphasizing on myself motivation and cilia thinking abilities, I would greatly be able to improve my verbal communication skills and effective management of the time. This would automatically improve my stakeholder management performance and help me to widen my ability to solve problems that may turn up within the company. By adapting to the process modeling knowledge, I would further be able to improve the already existing skills and help to develop an analytical mind within me.

The main job that lies for a business analyst is to identify the possible opportunities that lie within an organization thereby identifying the possible threats that exists (Malik and Setiawan, 2016). This helps to diversify and strengthen the business operations and processes thereby merging the interaction of the stakeholders. By using my collaboration and management skills, I would greatly be able to carry out with these job tasks. Further, my communication skills would greatly help me to improve the business interaction thereby identifying and meeting all the needs duly. This would greatly widen my value as a business analyst of a given company and help me to obtain success in my career. This would further help to meet all the requirements of the business and sharpen my personal skills further that would further help me to widen my standard and obtain better opportunities for future. This would help me to widen my level of independency in the process of learning thereby emphasizing on my own personal development and growth in this field. The transferable skills would greatly help me to improve my identification and evaluation techniques thereby displaying an effective skill set while working in an organization of Business management.


The study infers by stating the importance of the transferable skills for a student and the possible opportunities that lie ahead of them. The study has further discussed about the details of skills that me as a student posses and the future job plans in this field. Emphasis is further laid on the outcomes of utilizing these skills in the business and how that can help to diversify the career growth.

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