A few aspects to address

A few aspects to address:

Dialogue of heavy and light materiality – is not yet evident ?

If the wine tasting form included an underground storage cellar  then perhaps it makes best sense for this form to be made in heavyweight concrete.

Then the other dwelling form box should be in the light weight material – perhaps an oak timber  - similar to the oak barrels that wine is put in to in the fermentation process of wine making?

So your heavy walls in concrete would all be drawn in plan and section as 300 or 350mm thick with concrete floor slabs and roof.

The oak timber form would be thin 150mm wall framing and outside cladding and inside timber lining as well as timber framed floors with oak flooring and a timber framed roof with timber or metal roofing . It might be sloped ?

What program are you drawing in?

It looks very basic ?

Please only draw in black and white line work – no colours  - no brown!  Refer to our project handout ppt and prompts.

You need to add the site drawing and the café context in your ground level street 1 plan so we can see how your design is interacting with the street and the café laneway with the entry points and windows?

You need to show the site in cross section to reveal the level change between the two streets properly  - it is not good to show pilons supporting your upper box instead of the site earth .

Your stairs are shown way too steep – seems to be 45 degrees – they need to be maximum 30 degrees !

They also need more length of space to fit properly in your plan.

I think you have a plan footprint that is more than the maximum 36m2 for the wine tasting and another 36m2 for the dwelling. You need to cut voids inside the volumes as you go up or down to ensure the overall is no more than 72m2 over two or three levels for each. The stairs can be counted as void.

Refer to the project handout ppt .

Your model making is very rough!! You need to use a sharp blade to cut a good edge with a steady line  that will join properly… but first develop the design to be clearer and then try again after that.

this what my tutor want me to change in my design for assignment 3. so i  need drawings of

1) sections

2) axonometric

3) floor plan

4) site plan

5) explotative

6) material usage

7) graphic drawings

Grid As well

So the height u can use is 12000mm and u have to make like 3 floors in it i have did the assignment 2 and u just need to fix it as tutor gave the instructions to follow up as feed back for assignment 3 the volume of the building must 36m2 as requirements And the pic u send is the site plan u need to resize on the scale 1:100