A brief overview of the organization


  • A brief overview of the organization.

Liverpool hospital is one of the leading hospitals in Australia, which is located in the south-western suburbs of new south wales and this is the second-largest hospital known for the trauma centers, the main services of the hospital are provided to the Sydney and the other local areas of Liverpool. This hospital specializes in providing services in areas such as brain injury, rehabilitation, and critical care and trauma. This hospitality is affiliated to the various educational institutes such as the University of New South Wales and the University of Western Sydney, South West Private Hospital and South Western Sydney TAFE and they also provide major programs for the nurses and health care professionals. The hospital has 960 beds with 23 operating rooms and for the critical case, they have 60 more beds this is the maximum capacity of the hospital.

An analysis of the external and internal environment using appropriate theories and frameworks.

SWOT analysis


Strong customer base as the primary focus is towards the quality improvements

The expert team is dedicated to research and analysis.

Advance equipment is there in the hospitals

Strong reputation in the market.

Located in the heart of the city.


One of the major drawbacks is that there are very fewer funds for management training.

Lack of funding and resources for meeting the requirement of the customer.

high staff turnover

shortage of experienced staff.

Limited beds are there for patients suffering from brain injury.


They can collaborate with a high-tech hospital as that will be mutually beneficial.

It can invest more in the training of the staff.

Should invest more in programs such as an integrated plan for long-term diseases.

Increase funding for increasing the number of beds in the hospital


Not ready for the uncertainty such as COVID-19

Increase in the competition which has a high-tech technology for the patients.

The pressure to reduce the cost so that the expectations of the shareholder could be met.

Changes in policy can have a negative impact on the budget deficit.

  • Clear articulation of the competitive advantage identified.
  • A diagnosis of the strengths, weaknesses, sources and future sustainability of the

competitive advantage outlined.

  • A conclusion that identifies strategic opportunities and risks.