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ZPL (short for Z-level Programming Language) is an array programming language designed to replace C and C++ programming languages in engineering and scientific applications. Because its design goal was to obtain cross-platform high performance, ZPL programs run fast on both sequential and parallel computers. Highly-parallel ZPL programs are simple and easy to write because it exclusively uses implicit parallelism.

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Feature of ZPL programming language:

  • It can run fast on parallel computers.
  • ZPL concepts are easy to understand and intuitive.
  • Every statement in ZPL is terminated with a semicolon
  • ZPL has a set of operators that partition into the usual groups.
  • The ZPL compiler converts ZPL source text to ANSI C object code.
  • Identifiers are used to name variables and other constituents of ZPL programs.
  • ZPL uses familiar control structures

ZPL Programming Code Example

1 program Jacobi;
2 /* Jacobi Iteration
3  Written by L. Snyder, May 1994 */
4 config var n : integer = 512;  -- Declarations
5 delta : float = 0.000001;
7 region R = [1..n, 1..n];
8 var A, Temp: [R] float;
9  err : float;
11 direction north = [-1, 0];
12 east = [ 0, 1];
13 west = [ 0,-1];
14 south = [ 1, 0];
16 procedure Jacobi();
17 begin
18 [R] A := 0.0; -- Initialization
19 [north of R] A := 0.0;
20 [east of R] A := 0.0;
21 [west of R] A := 0.0;
22 [south of R] A := 1.0;
24 [R] repeat -- Body
25 Temp := (A@north + A@east
26 + A@west + A@south)/4.0;
27 err := max<< abs(A - Temp);
28 A := Temp;
29 until err < delta;
30 end;
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