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Microsoft Dynamics AX is one of Microsoft’s enterprise resource planning software products. It is part of the Microsoft Dynamics family. X++ integrates SQL queries into standard Java-style code.

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Features of X++ programming language :

  • Single line (//) and multi-line (/* */) comments.
  • (//)single line comment
  • (/* */) multi-line comment
  • + operator to concatenate strings
  • Single and double quotation characters as string delimiters

X++ Programming Code

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 (Multisite example)
static void JobRs001a_HelloWorld(Args _args)
if (1 == 1)
// These two info() calls are identical to the X++ compiler.
// The second form is the one typically used in X++.
Global::info("Hello World, 1.");
info('Hello World, 2.');
if (1 != 1)
error("This message will not appear.");
// These two methods are also from the Global className.
// The '+' operator concatenates two strings.
warning("This is like info," + " but is for warnings, 3.");
error("This is like info," + " but is for errors, 4.");
Message (09:49:48)
Hello World, 1.
Hello World, 2.
This is like info, but is for warnings, 3.
This is like info, but is for errors, 4.