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XL stands for eXtensible Language. It is a computer programming language designed to support concept programming. XL features programmer-reconfigurable syntax and semantics. Compiler plug-ins can be used to add new features to the language. A base set of plug-ins implements a relatively standard imperative language. Programmers can write their own plug-ins to implement application-specific notations, such as symbolic differentiation, which can then be used similarly to built-in language features.

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XL Assignment Help

Features of XL programming language:

  • Patterns for edges can be specified.
  • Rules are indicated by arrows and grouped within transformation blocks. Transformation blocks are statements of the XL programming language and can be used like any other statement.
  • The pattern of the left hand side may contain className names (Axiom) and predicates{" "}
  • The right hand side may contain a sequence of node expressions.{" "}
  • The structure actually is a graph of nodes.
  • The nodes of two textually consecutive node expressions are connected by an edge in the graph.
  • The rule arrow ==> indicates a rule with implicit embedding

XL iterators allow programmers to implement both generators and iterators.
import IO = XL.UI.CONSOLE iterator IntegerIterator (var out Counter : integer; Low, High : integer) written Counter in Low..High is Counter := Low while Counter <= High loop yield Counter += 1 // Note that I needs not be declared, because declared 'var out' in the iterator // An implicit declaration of I as an integer is therefore made here for I in 1..5 loop IO.WriteLn "I=", I `}

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